Aug 31, 2011

Hello Riga

I'm just amazed how these great opportunities are coming into my life.Like for example today I had this e-mail from one women I used to know and she offered me this really cool opportunity related to design. She offered me to design sth for this one thing :D Yeaaah, crazy talking but I'm not gonna tell any more untill I'm sure this thing is going to happen for real.

Anyway, I were in Latvia for four days last week and here are pics from Riga. Post about History Makers camp is also coming soon , very soon :]

Aug 29, 2011

Just Do it Tonight

Summer is almost over and the school year starts just in three days - crazy but so cool at the same time! 
Anyway, because summer is gonna end soon we thought that it's the last  time to do sth crazy, so we went to swim around 12 pm and we didn't go to swim at the beach but to this very creepy career where they have found all the creepy things like dead bodies and stuff.
But it was fun and luckily we didn't find any creepy things from the water.  :]

Aug 22, 2011

Pull my heart away

Now I have finished with both of my articles and I'm really happy about it :) Here are some pictures from the media camp I have been for the last week.  Yesterday we went to the local church and later we had the change to climb up to the churches tower. It was really cool until the last platform which was all covered with birds boo-boos so it was a bit ribald but that didn't stop us and we reached to the top. jeii
On Saturday we went to Haapsalu and visited the Missio event  , it was awesome.

       Every group had to make a greeting video but well .. as you may see from the picture our video turned out to be a total fail but I believe that in some time it would be pretty funny to watch it :]

Aug 20, 2011

Wannabe journalist

So, here I am, sitting on a coach. Right now I'm in a camp where we'r putting together a magazine. Again this very random slash awesome thing that God has just put into my life very randomly. Pretty much as every other awesome thing in my life... the same was with designing/making clothes, so random but turned out to be so cool.
  The magazine is going to be in three languages : Pluss in Estonian ; Nuotta in Finnish and Võbor in Russian. The magazine is mainly for young people and in Estonia u can have it for free, in Finland u have to pay for it and I'm not sure about the Russian one:)
I'm doing an article about this camp to an Estonian christian magazine  and I'm also gonna do a column about what ever theme I want to Estonian  Pluss. Right now I have two different themes to write about so I'm thinking that I'm gonna write both of them ready and then I'm going to choose the one to put  into the magazine. If I'm ready with them I can also post them here. 
One more reason why this camp is so awesome is that here are people not only from Estonia but also from Finland and Russia so I have many new friends from these countries now. I'm just so blessed and thankful for it! 
Here are some pictures from today when we also went to Haapsalu for a youth night, it was cool :)

     got this awesome t-shirt for free, jeiii :) Had to make timer pics of it right away :]

                               as u can see I'm very happy about it together with my camera's timer :]

                                                 some pics from the last Nuotta edition :

Aug 17, 2011

What have u been up to?

Well, I have been doing bridesmaids dresses for three adorable little girls. They should be ready for tomorrow so guess there's not gonna be too much sleep tonight :]


Oleviste's summer camp

Well, all I can say about this camp is : awesome, the best camp ever. I waited for it for so long and when it finally came then it was totally worth waiting for. I miss my group called Võikud a lot, we had lots of fun. I also miss the night programs in the old barn, worshiping God , all the fun we had in there, meeen , I really miss the  camp a lot and the people in there there but I also know that God is going to do all the crazy stuff  also outside of the camp so I'm super excited about the future.

A picture says more then a thousand words so here are some pictures from the camp :

Eva made this awesome braid for me.

landscape was just gorgeous

Come closer to God, then He will come closer to you