Jun 27, 2010

@ the Studio

Some weeks ago I showed u pictures made behind the scene of my first photoshoot in the studio.
Well, now I can show u the results from that day :)
I'm not quite happy about some clothes u'll see in the pictures and the reason is that I simply had not much time to do the last things (that means I was just lazy and left everything for the last minute) and I made them in the night before the photoshoot. So... sry about some clothes u'll see :)
Two days ago I made a photoshoot in the forest with my friend Merle.
The reason I haven't showed u the pictures jet is that I'm going to Bulgaria for three weeks at Tuesday all by myself and I'm just trying to find sth to do while I'm waiting the plain :)
I'll make some clothes to take them with me to the sunny country, so I can take some (hopefully) marvelous photos over there . I'm also going to guide a fashion workshop at the festival in Bulgaria so I'm certainly
going to show u lot's of pic's from there !

Coming back to the shooting :

Photographer - Jarmo
Photographer's assistent - Hanna Parman

Make Up artist - Eliise B. Mõisama
Models: Silvia Kebbinau
Ketlin Tali
Edelin Mõisama
Eliise B. Mõisamaa

Ok, way too much talking and u still haven't seen the pic's.Well, here they come. Hope U'll enjoy
them !

Jun 25, 2010

Paint it blue !

One day , when I was cleaning my room(which is a miracle), I found two quite old and shabby accessories. My first reaction was to throw these things in a trashcan but after a little consideration I decided to give them a new look.
Luckly I had some metal spraycolour left from the old times so I didn't had to think for long about what colour should I paint my old stuff.

These shoes used to look like this after the first pimping :

After a couple of minutes , when the colour was dry, I made a little blue flower for the bag and I coloured two little flowers on my shoes.
I think the result was quite cute and consider that the all process took time less then a half of hour ... it was totally worth it!

Jun 6, 2010

Moedepoo - My Generation

There are some people I want to thank before showing u the pictures.
Eliise - u'r make ups are just perfect
my mom and dad - they have always helped me in every possible way
and my super cute models:

Without further preduce - my collection ,,My generation" :

Fotod : Meelis Tomson ja weekend.ee

Some collections I liked :

U can also watch a moument from the fashion show from You Tube.

Jun 5, 2010

backstage - moedepoo

As much as I've read peoples blogs I've seen that nobody was quite
satisfied with the organization of Moedepoo. I'm not going to write what exactly happened but u can find a complete review from Mari-Leen's blog.
However, in the end the whole event was still fun.
Since I have also organized a youth-fashion contest, I know how difficult it all is. Good luck to the organizers for the next year!

Models have to eat too :)

NB! I got 2nd place. Wipiii :)

Jun 3, 2010

Preview - PS

I had an incredible day yesterday. I was offered the possibility to photograph my new collection in studio (the premiere is tomorrow!!!). It was a very exciting experience. Shooting lasted for four hours.
I made lots of pictures and a video during that time.
I'll show u the video as soon as I can show u the picture wich was taken at the time when the video was made.

I'm pretty excited about tomorrows fashion show - Moedepoo.
I still have some things to do before that(I wasn't quite satisfied with some outfits I'd made, yesterday). I guess I'll do these things after youth church , hope I'll make it :o)

Jun 1, 2010

2 minutes

Today I had the last exam(geography). It's just so super-duper how liberating is the feeling when u no longer have to go to school (@ least for 3 months). Now I'm really in a hurry because I have only one day untill the photoshooting in studio.
Today I had a little trial with Emma.
We also made a 2 minutes lasting photoshoot with one sampledress I once made.

Just had to show u my cute puppy :)

NB! Have a really really awesome summer vacation!