May 29, 2012

Hello Yellow


                                                               I was wearing at ERKI :

/dress - somewhere from Paris/

/jacket - thrift store/

/shoes - thrift store/


/picture - ERKI style photo taken with NOKIA Lumia/

May 28, 2012


Viimased kuu aega on olnud suhteliselt ulmselised, selle kõige tipp oli aga see nädal.

ERKIMoeshow läks super hästi ja kohe, kui olen öösel natuke rohkem, kui paar tundi maganud räägin teile ka pikemalt kogu korraldusprotsessist, backis toimunust ja ehk tutvustan teile ka natuke, kes kogu selle ürituse toimumise taga olid.

Seniks aga olge mõnusad ja nautige ilusat ilma :] !

This past month has been absolutely crazy and the craziest of it was this last week. ERKI's Fashion show was amazing and soon as I have slept a bit more than a couple of hours, I'm going to tell u about the show, the organizing part of the show and also about the whole team, who made this amazing event possible.

Untill that - stay cool and enjoy the beautiful weather :] !

May 18, 2012


Käisin täna esimest korda Fanadelik poes ja armusin sellesse ära.

Tagatoa vintage kleidid olid ääretult ilusad !

I wisited the Estonian vintage shop called Fankadelik for the first time today and I fell in love with it.

All the vintage dresses were just gorgeous!

May 17, 2012

Fauna Futuristica

Eile toimus kohvik Wabaduses ERKI Moeshow näituse "Fauna Futuristica" avamine- saate seda vaatama
 minna kuni 27nda maini.

I was wearing:

/jacket - from a free box @ thrift store/

/dress - thrift store/

/shoes - thrift store/

/belt - thrift store/

May 15, 2012

ERKI stuff

ERKI Moeshowni on jäänud vähem, kui kaks nädalat ning korraldus käib täies hoos.
Käisin täna EKA's , kus pakkisime eelmüügi piletiga kaasa minevaid stuffe ja lisaks toimus täna ka tekstiili tööde kaitsmine. Need termovärvidega tehtud laudlinad on alates kolmapäevast (kõik on avamisele oodatud) kohvikus Wabadus. Need laudlinad on erilised, kuna need regeerivad soojusele.

Sellest kolmapäevast alates hakkavad seoses ERKIga toimuga igasugused põnevad asjad - hoia ennast asjadega kursis ja osta eelmüügist juba pilet ära !

There is less than two weeks before the ERKI Fashion show will take place and the organizing team are very busy. Today I went to the Estonian Academy of Arts to put together some goody-pack which will go together with the pickets which will be bought before the show from the internet. There took place also a final class of a very interesting project - students of EAA made tableclotches for a cafe in Tallinn. These are very special because they react to the heat an that makes these tableclotches very awesome .)

May 9, 2012

May 4, 2012

Magazine stuff - Indrek Patte

Varsti ilmub uus EBS Business Spirit, kuhu ma tegin intervjuu ERKI Moeshow 2012 peakorraldaja Piret Mägiga. Enne seda aga pildid eelmise kuu ajakirjast, kuhu tegin intervjuu Indrek Pattega. Mees on muusik, kes on mänginud mitmetes Eesti legendaarsetes bändides - nende seas ka Rujas. Selle aasta alguses tuli tal välja täitsa oma debüütalbum, mille ta ka ise produtseeris.
Uurisin Patte käest tema uue plaadi, muusika tähendust ja palju muu kohta. Artikli võid leida piltide alt inglise keeles. (see artikkel on toimetamata nii sealt võib vigu leida :)

Less than a week there will be a new EBS Business Spirit where you may find an interview with Piret Mägi, the main organizer of ERKI's fashion show but here is the magazine from last month. For that issue I took an interview from Indrek Patte. The man is a legendary music in Estonia and in the beginning of this year he released his first own album. I asked him the questions about his music and the music business in general.
You may read his answeres below.  

Indrek Patte is a very talented Estonian musician who has played in many different band during his life – one of them is Ruja. In this December, Indrek published His debut album named Celebration. I had the change to ask the talented musician some questions about His musician life and the new album.

How and when did you get interested about music?

I have been interested about music as far as I can remember. I sang my first songs while being one and a half years old and before going to school I had already performed many times on the stage. I took part of the school's choir and while being fifteen years old me and my schoolmates put together a band called Elf, where I was playing the keyboards and singing. Mostly we were performing rock music written by ourselves. While being five I first heard The Beatles and I really liked it. Since then I have mostly listened to the music in English. In the 70's I listened to bands as Yes and Genesis – their music left me an incredible ecperience.

Where did the ide for album „Celebration“ come from and what is the message you are passing with the songs?
The album „Celebration“ musical material had been gathered for many years and the idea to publish it as a whole came about five years ago but I didn't had the change to start with this album untill the year 2009. Some of the songs are quite new and some of them are from the earlier years which I changed a little bit for the album. All the lyrics are from the year 2010 and they are all carrying a christian message. All the songs should be treat as a whole starting from the first song ’’Resurrection’’ until the last song ’’Celebration’’. All the music and the lyrics which you can find from the album are created for the glory of God.

Is it hard to be your own album's manager? What was the most complycated thing about publishing this album?

The production of every singel debut album is complycated and it always comes with bigger risks as the albums of big and know artist's. Fortunately I had the previous experience from doing the same thing with other's albums. An important part of making the album plays the record company „Strangiato“, whos produces found my material interesting and who afreed to release the album. The most complicated thing about publishing album is the promotion. There are so many good music in the World and there are always the right audience for it – the important thing is to get the music to the right audience. This requires lots of advertising and using different information sources. People don't normally buy albums from an unknown artist from the record stores.

How many people were involved in your album and how did you chose the musicians who we can hear in your album?

In addition to me there were twelve more musicians involved. With most of them I had played together before in different bands ( LedR, Ruja, Linnu Tee edc.) It is really important for me that all the musicians would have the same musical taste and the same „musical breathing“ in the project – it is expressed later on in the sound image and the whole feeling.

It is a fact that the record selling numbers are dropping year by year – how do you see the future of the music industrie? Is it easy to make money with music nowadays?
Unfortunately this is the reality, record selling numbers are dropping and at the same time adapting with the internet inviroment. My oppinion is, that initially it will happen only with the pop music. With specific nish styles (indie, proge, jazz, edc.), but also with classical music, there are not seen major changes in the short run – in that cases peole take the CD – album together with the box and the book as a whole.
As for the business side – I love to do my music for the music, not for the money. For those, who are doing their music for the commercial reasons – it will get harder and harder every day, because the competition is growing continuously and there are very many good artists with good and interesting music. In order to stand out in this crowd you need to offer something very special for the listener.

Album „Celebration“ is in English -why did you decided to make it in English and not in Estonian?

During the last two decade I have done and performed music only in English – that is one of the reasons. The other reason is that the potencial auditorium goes above the Estonian border. Because the music on the album is in the progerock style, which has relatively marginal local audience, then why not to offer the music and the message also to the other parts of the world.

How do you see your debut album in the future?

I can't predict the future to my album and overall, prediction is a ungrateful doing. If the audience likes and gets my music and the message , then I am very happy. After all – it is all in the hands of God.

May 2, 2012

Hei, I Like Your Style

Alatest pühapäevast pean ERKI FB jaoks stiiliblogi e. siis pildistan erinevatel ERKI üritustel stiilseid.
Starting from Sunday I am going to take pictures of all the stylish people @ ERKI's events.

Need siin on minu lemmikud pühapäeval toimunud castingust.
These here are my favourite ones from Sunday's casting.

Pildid on tehtud uue Nokia Lumiaga, mis peagi ka Eesti poelettidele müüki jõuab.
I took the pictures with Nokia Lumia, which u can soon find in stores.