Jan 31, 2011

deep deep blue

Model: Hanna Parman

Photographer : Oliver Roomus

Make Up : Grete Kokmann

Style/design - me

Kiili moeshow - catwalk

Last saturday took place Kiili fashion show for young designes. The theme of my collection was fairy tales/princesses. Hee are the pic's from th catwalk :) Pictures behind the scenes are coming as soon as Seidi will get her laptop back .

Edelin Moisamaa
Anni Anete Moisamaa
Ketlin Tali
Seidi Soosalu
Emma-Kristiina Kandima
Johnna Kamarinen
Raili Lilleorg
Mihkel Kuusk

photos by: Marko Hulkko and captures from the video

Jan 26, 2011


Collection which was on Moepeatus in Rakvere. Some of the dresses are also in my princess collection "Ever ever after". I am very excited about this one on saturday because I feel like these cute-looking dresses are just my thing. Of course I also like to make and design other things but they always have to be kind of cute.
I have a perfect song for this catwalk and as i said I'm really really excited about this Kiili fashionshow on saturday :)

Jan 17, 2011

Paris dreams

Today at school I watched outside the window and the view was just terrible. The snow was everywhere and it even wasn't this cute christmas snow but it was icy and almoust broun. So, I remembered that we'r going to Paris with out class in Mach and since then that's the only thing I have been thinking about. I can almoust picture myself and my friends in sunny Paris making pictures with the Eiffel tower :)

Yesterday I also made a community for my stuffin Facebook. You can find and like it by the name : AP. Fashion . I'm, trying to put this like box to here also but for that I need to be an computer geek and that takes a little time :o)

Jan 15, 2011

Photographer : Anrike Piel (blog)
Style and design - me
Models: Hannaliis, Roberta, K├Ątliin and Edelin

Jan 14, 2011


Photo & make up - Liisel Vellend (blog)
Styling and design - me

Model - Hannaloora Reimann

2,3. photo: hat- C&A ; shoes-H&M ; skirt and shirt- AP
1,4.photo: skirt-AP. ; shoes and shirt-Liisel's
5.photo: dress-AP; shoes-Liisel's

Jan 12, 2011

Pic's from the scene

Pictures from the photoshoot with Anrike Piel

And the pic's from photoshoot with Liisel Vellend in the old town

And the results are coming soon :)