Jul 30, 2012

Instaview - awesome summer

Haven't done the instaview for a while but ... here's this month of my life in pictures.
So far I have had an awesome summer and I hope so have u!

I recently discovered the sentence that I want my life to be described as : Love God - Love Life - Love People, if I could live by this one sentence - I'd be very happy

Meet Nilsson - the cutest puppy ever (Nilsson otsib omale uut ja armsat kodu - kui soovid omale seda nunnut osta siis kirjuta mulle kiri)
I was working as a secretary for 2 weeks - office fun with the copy machine

A friend I have known for almost all of my life - thankful to God for him

Quality time with my girls

Love this gorgeous planet God has greated for us
Estonia is simply gorgeous - love my country

I love NY

Meet Roosi - one of the most gorgeous girl I know

Estonia is gorgeous

waiting for his bride

my cousin got married

AP. Design at the design fair

Meet Laura - she is amazing

Nokia kontserdimaja

SHINE at the Freedom square

Level 3:16 jamming at the Freedom  square - they are amazing

meet Nilsson - my cute puppy (he is looking for a new loving home, if u are interested send me an e-mail)

Heartbeat Tallinn


Made an interview with an amazing band from USA - Level 3:16 . U can find some more information about them from their web-page http://www.level316.com/

cute boys from Germany

Crystal eating her first kohuke - she loved it ... I do too

after thrift store shopping

Press conference with Israel Houghton

Believe concert in Estonia with Israel Houghton and Josh McDowell

meet my good friends - the cutest brother and sister in the world

Bye Tallinn

Stickers styling challenge

 styled jacket - stickers special 


At Helsinki's McDonalds - waiting for the shops to open - Helena loves ketchup 

Jul 17, 2012

Lady with a hat

Had this shoot at the design fair - didn't planned this, but I just love the pics that came outof it.

model : Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa

photos - me

dress - AP. Design