Mar 30, 2011

Gift time !!

For a long time I have wanted to make a giveaway here and now finally I'm doing it. How to win these Eiffel tower earrings?

1.Be a follower of my blog

2.Post a random comment under THIS post with u'r name in it

On the 15th April I will let the computer choose the winner.

NB!U can take part of this gift-away from all over the world!

Superring @ middnight

t-shirt and the upper ring from thrift store ; nail polish - H&M ; the cross ring - from Paris

book- The Bible

Mar 29, 2011

In Paris

Pictures are taken in Paris.

Photographer : Meriliis Soome

Model: Hanna-Liina Einard

dress by: AP.


Pic's by me and Anni-Anete

Marie Antoinette's bedroom

Mar 28, 2011

First look to the Eiffel tower

... and when I saw the Eiffel tower for the first time ... it was just breath taking. It may seam like such a chlice but the look was just really wow. The tower was just huge - just like I had seen it in the pictures and yes . . . wow. that's all I have to say.

Here's a so called "outfit post" from the day in Paris

I'm wearing : jacket/t-shirt -Reserved ; shoes-H&M ; skirt- shrift store

Mar 26, 2011

Back in Tallinn

Wow. Paris was just amazing. I took over 700 pictures because everything was just so beautiful that I just had to capture every moment. We drove all together more then 4000 km with bus :) Not the best way to travel but at the same time we saw also all these places betheen Tallinn and Paris. Because I have so many cool pic's I really want to show u then I believe I'm going to make different posts with different topic pic's in it :) On our way back we also visited Prague. I had been in there before but it was still were interesting to see this beautiful city and of course I really much enjoyed shopping there:)!

Mar 20, 2011

Third day

We'r finally in France!
It's just unbelievable how different has the weather been today compairing to yesterday. There were a snow storm in Sweeden but in here it's all just so different .In the morning, when we started our bus driving from Germany/Lübeck, the weather was cloudy and it seemed that that's how it's going to be for the rest of the day but no, from about 12 o'clock the sun came out and the weather was just incredible. The crass was all green and I even saw a couple of daffodils. The sun was shining, people were riding with their bikes and it just felt like I was in a totally different world. So cool! :)

Today we started out journey from Germany , we drove throw Netherland and Belgium and then finally we arrived to France. In Belgium we visited Brussels and most of the pics are made in there.

Tomorrow we'r going to Paris and we'r going to visit the one and only Eiffel tower!
I'm very excited!

Mar 19, 2011

Sweeden , Denmark, Germany

After many many hours sitting in a bus we finally arrived to Lübeck, Germany.
We started our trip around 10am from Stockholm. Sweeden/Denmark's border we crossed with a boat and the same thing was with the Denmark/Germany's border.

In Sweeden it was snowing. All the fields were covered with snow. In Denmark... they had snow but not too much. In Germany ... it's like they never had it! I haven't seen even a snowflake in here. So cool! :)

Tomorrow we'r going to see Brussels and the EU house and in the evening we'r finally going to be in PARIS! I hope it's worm in there because I don't have any more worm clothes to wear :) All of my suitcase is filled with dresses and skirts!
Most of the pics from today are not too interesting because pretty much all we did today was sitting in a bus and the bus pics are never the best:)

obviously the best pic anyone has ever done from Denmark (not)