Feb 24, 2011

Happy Birthday ESTONIA !

Today is the 93th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. I put here some pics from Tallinn,the capital of Estonia and also my home city. Tallinn's old city is really beautiful and if u'll ever want to feel yourself like in some Middle Age movie then Tallinn is just really the right city for it. But Estonia has so much more then just really beautiful old city. You just have to come and chek it out yourself:)

NB! Tallinn is also the European capital of culture 2011 !

So, Happpy Birthday ESTONIA!

Sweet Sweeden

Went to Stockholm for a small shopping trip at the beginning of this week. As soon as we walked out from the ship I was absolutely amazed because I had no idea that Stockholm was so beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't had the oppurtunity to see the old town from inside because we kind of got lost. But we still had the chance to visit one really cool vintage store and also one H&M and GinaTriclot store. So it wasstill fun :)!

Feb 22, 2011

Sneeky Peeky

Here are the sneeky peeky pic's from my new collection. Any one have a good name for it? This collection is all about spring : flowers, butterflies, the sun and light colours.

Feb 19, 2011

La Primavera

It's 4:20 in the morning and I'm sitting next to my sewing machine. My hands are all covered with paint and in front of my lies a white dress which is waiting for me to make it ready. This dress is the first clothing for my new collection, which preview is almoust in a week. All together I need to make at least 8 outfits and the day after tomorrow I'm going to Sweeden for twho days, so I'm quite in a hurry (as always). At first I was thinking to make the collection all from a golden fabric and I even made one dress ready, but then I changed my mind and here I am ... sitting here in my sewing room. I have sitted here for about 7 hours but I really can't say that I have achieved anything special by this time. For about 4,5 hours I was making flowers and butterflies just for this one dress. That's just totalley locko!

But ok, I will just keep doing my night(or should I say morning) job!

Hope I can show u the results of my sleepless nights soon :o)

working on this kind of dress right now

Bye :)

Feb 6, 2011

Just watch into these blue eyes

It's kind of hard to cut out pieces of fabric if one cute thing thinks that she really needs to lay down right onto the fabric u'r cutting. But you just can't be mad at her because look at her . . . she is just such a cutie:)

I'm thinking about doing a little gift for one of you. I'm not quite sure what's it gonna be but I'm thinking about sth like a top with some cool/cute thing on it or a skirt or sth else made by me. We'll see :)
I believe I'm gonna do some special post when there is exactly 100 followers :)

But at the same time you quys just enjoy life and try to notice the small things in every day which makes everything special!