Jul 15, 2015

Photoshoot in Queens - Parker

I first met Parker in the Hillsong church college meeting called The Block.


It was a hot and humid Wednesday in the middle of July. We were suppose to meet in Queens for a photo shoot. Since I made it a bit too early, I decided to go to my friend's place, who lives just a few blocks from the subway station we were suppose to meet. Instead of sending him the right address on the 50th avenue, when he was already few block away from the right location in Queens, I accidentally heard the address wrong and sent him to the right house number but the 5th avenue, which is in Manhattan.

You can imagin how bad I felt about it especially because the nr 7 train that runs between Manhattan and Queens in one of the hottest lines in the whole NYC. 

After some time Parker made it to the right location and the photos turned out to be worth the travel.

Jul 3, 2015

Rolling - Financial District

Lately I have been riding a lot with a long board (or skateboard, depends on a day, right now I have both). This is not because I am a skater girl, I really am not, I hardly make it from one point to an other. The fact is, that it is just so much easier to get home on a board during the evenings, and actually pretty much when ever. 

Also, the feeling, when you are on a board by the Hudson river and the wind is going throw your hair or when I ride in between of the NYC traffic jam and all the cars have to wait because it is crazy out there but I can just ride in between of them. 

The feeling of moving in a high speed is amazing, really!

This is Eli. He is one of the leaders of Hillsong NYC photo team and he has an awesome board.

Jul 2, 2015

Hillsong - midsummer church party

Hillsongi kesksuve pidu toimus eile samas kohas kus kaks aastat tagasi suve lõpu pidu, mis oli minu üks viimaseid Hillsongi üritusi sellel korral.

Ma olen iga päev ikka ja jälle nii tänulik et mul on võimalus olla osa sellest kogudusest.