Oct 25, 2010

I have been in Germany now for more then 24 h and I'm thinking more and more by every minute that why the cow didn't I learned Deutch in school exept for just chilling in my german class for 2 years. Right now I'm in a quit small village called Daaden, it's about 100 km from Frankfurt. It's really schön in here.
On my way to germany I had to fly first to Prag and then from there to Frankfurt.
The first flight was late and I didn't had a watch with me in plane so I had no idea how much time do I have untill the next flight.
After getting a seat in a bus which had to take us to the airport exit, I finally had the chance to look my next ticket and the time.
I looked first at my ticket- there were written that the plane takes off a 16.40 and then , secondly I looked the buswatch - 16.47.
I even didn't had the time to panic. All I could think was : ,, Please God, let me make it to the plane!" And God is awsome.! I made it ,I was the last one to go on the plane,17 minutes late.
When I got to the plain, there were also some problems with my seat but it all ended happily:)

Plane pic's are made in Tallinn-Prag flight
Pic with houses - made in Daaden
Sunset pic made on 18m high platvorm in one of the small villages in Deutchland

Oct 10, 2010

I like it in Spain

In summer I went to Spain with my family. Had an awesome time there and we also made a photoshoot with my sister.

Sunny Morning in the Zoo

One sunny morning (and I really mean MORNING, it was 9 am), we went to a zoo with our class. The weather was really cold but sunny at the same time. The animals were super cute and the freezing was totally worth it :)

New in Faktory

As promised, new stuff in the Faktory store.

You may ask, why in the world am I doing so many clothes from the striped fabric.Well, that's because months ago I found a huge web from my basement. Although I have made like hundreds of things from it , I feel like the fabric is just not decreaseing, and it's not a bad thing :)

Oct 4, 2010


Have you already heard from an awesome lifestyle shop called Faktory?
Well, if not then I'm here to present it to you :o)!
What exactly is Faktory?
Factory is a really cool shop in Tallinn, which follows the principle of recycling. You can find there used (but still awesome) clothes , furniture and even accessories and clothes made by Estonian designers . The most awesome thing about this place is that you can find there clothes for women, man and also clothes for kids. And shoes.. did I mention the shoes? You can find lots and lots of shoes over there!
Where the name comes from?
Well, Faktory used to be a real faktory. You can see it from the interior.
You can also find things made by me from there. I just took there some new stuff(U can see them in my next post).

Among other good qualities Faktory has an awesomely HUGE dressing room. Have you ever been to a shop, I mean, the shop is just fierce but when it's time to go to the dressing room then you just wish the time you have to spend in there would be over already?!?
I can promise you that when you'r in Faktory's dressing room, you'd like to stay there for a long time:) And mabe even make some mirror pic's !

How to get there?

Linnast saab sinna trammiga, mis sõidab Ülemistesse(maha peab minema 1 peatus peale Bussijaama peatust) ja igal muul võimalikul viisil. Faktory asub Sikupilli vastas Zelluloosi hoones.

NB! If u'r not from Estonia and you'r still planning on going there then I promise, I will take u there myself !! Just contact me ! :)

Oct 2, 2010

Photos from the field

Weeks ago I showed you the pictures behind the scenes of a photoshoot with Aleksandra and Kristel. Well... finally I'm able to show them to you . Enjoy :)

model: Kristel
photographer : Aleksandra
style : me

1;5 pic: dress by AP.
2;4 pic: body from a 2ndhandshop , shoes-Aleksandra's , earring- by AP.
3 pic: vest and skirt by AP ; body-Aleksandra's