May 26, 2010

Sneak peek - My Generation

There's not much time left until the fashion competition/show Moedepoo 2010 so, I think it's time to do a little sneak peek for my new collection - My generation.
The glothes are all about the summer and glamour. Call me boring but once again I'm using only two colours in my collection and once again they are black and white.
I believe this is going to be the best collection I have ever made but then again I believe my fashion skills are evolveing too with the time.
I made a little peeking pic for u. Next week I'm going to the studio with My Generation, so U can soon see the whole collection. If u'r wondering about the song I'm using in my show on Moedepoo then ... suprise suprise, the song is called ,,My Generation" by Starfield. I adore that band and I just LOVE the message they are carring forward across the world.

So... wish me luck with the competition and hope u'll like my new baby-My generation.

May 16, 2010

Skirt Season

Over a long period of time took place a little photographing in the city centre.
Recently I have been busy doing my new collection for Moedepoo, that's why I haven't showed sth new to you lately . (when the time is right I'll do a little sneak peek to my new baby, ,,My generation")
Through some miracle the sunny and warm weather has arrived in Estonia.
This means that all the skirts and dresses, which have stood still all winter long in the corner of a wardrobe, will finally be able to show themselves.
Inspired from sunny weather I made 4 skirts for the shooting.

This time models were Seidi and Gloria.
The place, where the pics are made, is Rotermann's quarter.
Enjoy the pictures and have a really nice and sunny spring!

May 5, 2010

Love is in the air

Plurals months ago, my cousin asked me whether I'd be willing to do bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.
Of course the answer was "Yes"
So in past months there occurred quite many fittings in my sewing room.
Time flew, and finally arrived the long-awaited first of May.
So ... without further ado, I shall present you the happy married couple

Mister Andres Raja and Mrs. Moonika Raja

The pride and her sister

And their bridesmaids : Astrid ja Karina

And if the wedding had already discussed I remembered, that a little less then a year ago I made a wedding dress to a very good friend og mine.
She was pregnant at the time of the wedding. Although u can't see the dress very well , she looked so cute wearing it. They are now the parents of the world cutest baby.