Apr 26, 2010

Moeteraapia 2010

Members of the jury :Vaido Neigaus ,Mari Martin ,Kärt Raidmaa , Karl Keskla ,

Õhtujuhid : Liisa Liksor ja Mikk-Hardi Tuisk


Kunagi vanasti special award: best little designer

Supernatural III 'rd place

Feather Fantasy

Dollhouse special award : cute children

Spunk special award : best stage movement

Ringiratast II 'nd place


Delusion I'st place

K ja S Rokin Jackets
best model

Külalisesineja Rocki inglid - Sedamoodi 2010 noorima vanusegrupi võitja

Külalisesinejad : Nõmme Gümnaasiumi tantsuvõistluse auhinnalise koha tants

Külalisesinejad : Nõmme Gümnaasiumi tantsuvõistluse auhinnalise koha tants

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Just another sunny day

Today was one of the days when the sun was just so warm that the only thing you wanted to do was to lay down in the grass and feel the warm sun in your face. That of course meant a very nice day for a photoshoot. Recently I've made two dresses, both made from the striped fabric I'd once found from my basement.[Almost all of my recent made clothes are from the same fabric. Sry if it's starting to piss off or sth :o) ]
Anyway, after school we went to Anni's place and by the time we were ready to take photos, the sun was already starting to set. It was pretty sad but we made the shooting anyway and I just love the result. I'll show u the pics from different dresses in seperated posts.
Hope u'll like them as much as I do :o)

Apr 23, 2010


Almost 3 months of preparation culminated today, on the 23 of April, in Nõmme Basicschool- Youth fashion show Fashiontherapy.
I went to the Nõmme Basicshool at 10 o'clock because I was one of the organizers of the event. It was quite a long and busy day .:)
Some hours before the big event, started a big mess. I had to organize the event and at the same time take care of my collection and models .Fortunately somehow it all ended up good and I think the event was quite successful :)
My collection had 3rd place. I'm really happy about it. In total there were 10 collections, but the level was extremely high.:)

As soon as I have the pictures, I'll give u a nice view of the Fashiontherapy.

In 5th July will take place a big fashion show for young designers . The event is named MoeDepoo(Fashion depot).
I'm gonna be there. So ... see u there :)

Apr 19, 2010

Marine Theme

couldn't resist the temtation so here are the rest of the pictures :o)

Apr 18, 2010

The Old Town

Well , now I have the pictures from my friend's camera.
At first I thought that I'll add images to my blog with a few days apart, but obviously I can't wait for so long. I really want to show you the pictures right now.
So ... i made a compromise with myself.
Today I'll show u the images with one outfit. And in a few days (if I am able to resist the temptation) I'll show u the rest of the pictures.

Here they come ! Hope u'll like them :)

PS! Our church at the backround ;)

The first dress was a bit big for Karolina but she still rocked it !

Sneak Peek

Kuna ma avastain, et blogi tšekivad ka väljaspoolt Eestit inimesed, siis proovin nüüdsest teksti siia inglise keeles kirjutada. Õnneks pole mul enamus ajast palju öelda :)

Today was a very nice and sunny weather and it meant a perfect day for a photoshoot.
Although I do not have a camera myself , my friend Andu agreed to lend his camera for this shoot.
Around 12 o'colck I had a camera and clothes, but I had no idea who could be a model for this shoot.
Luckily I saw Karolina at the church cafe and she agreed to be the model for todays shoot. :)

I can't show u the pic yet because they are in my friend camera but u'll see them soom:)

Here's a little sneak peek for the clotes Karolina was wearing :

Most of the clothes are made of striped fabric. Why?

For that simple reason : once , when we made pictures with Seidi in my basement , I saw a really big roll of striped fabric there. It was like really really big !
(u can see a pic of this soon. like in a few seconds)
And when I asked my parents about this BIG roll of fabric . . . it came out that they had a company that produced children's clothes , for some time.
PS! The company was named afther me :D They wanted to name it Anete but because this name was already taken they named it Aniete. Quite nice ;O)
And this fabric was a leftover from that company.
I have to say I'm really lucky:)

Stay tuned for the photoshoot pictures :)