May 27, 2011

Project flowerpower - behind the scenes

TODAY is the day, when the online-shop will be opened!! Yeii!

So, that means that today is going to be a big opening party but I have absolutely nothing to wear! Ever felt this feeling? You have a closet full of clothes but you just have nothing to wear. It kind of sucks.

I called my friend Seidi yesterday, I had a problem. I needed to make pictures of a dress I made and I needed the pictures in the end of that day. So, I borrowed my mom's car and drove to Saue. We went to  Saue's Manor, to be honest we felt like we were some kind of criminals because the manor seamed to be empty and we felt like we were on someones garden. But the garden was really pretty, so we started taking pictures anyway :)

After we were done, we went to my friends place and we also looked at the pictures. I believe these were the coolest pictures I have ever made. They were so pretty even without improveing them. I think the main reasons for that were that *Seidi has a really awesome camera and * the sunlight was just perfect and of cource because Seidi is just gorgeous.

Here are a couple of sneeky peeky pics   


This was the first testphoto. The spot looked just perfect and it also reflected into the pictures

May 25, 2011

Killer Giveaway - The Killer Shirt

I found this shirt a week ago from a really cool thrift store in Tallinn.
Thow this shirt was a bit small to me I had to but it like an anyway because of it's message.
Have you ever seen this kind of shirt? With TWILIGHT text :D? no? Me either!
It's totalley hilarious and becase I'm not going to be able to wear this shirt I'm going to give this to someone of you! T-shit is in size XS / S  and I believe that it's an original shirt because it has all the right marks.

What do u have to do to get this freaking awesome shirt?

Leave a comment under THIS POST with your name and favourite Twilight character

The winner will be announce on the 4. June! !



May 23, 2011

Trantsparent everything

Another pics from the morningshoot

Yellow Elephant

I just wanted to share this really cute and beautiful outfit pic with u. I found this from There are just too many awesome pictures. Normally I don't save them into my computer but this one was just particularly cute and cool and gorgeous

Tallinn and the winner

Heii. Andke mulle andeks palun, et ma olen särgi võitja väljakuulutamisega venitanud! Aga here it comes.

Võitja valis jällegist välja

The winner is the first one who commented the post :

Kristin Tammerand

Palju Õnne ja palun saada mulle kiri aadressile : :)

Teistele äitäh, et osa võtsite ja loodan, et järgmine kord olete just teie need järgmised võitjad :)

Pictures are made two days ago.  I really needed a normal picture of me so I could use it as my profile picture at the new online-shop but to be honest non of the pictures came out good and now I just have no idea what picture I'm going to put there. Panic, I quess I'm just gonna have to figure sth out in the next 2 hours because the deadline was yesterday :D


May 17, 2011

Sneeky peeky under the secretveil

Few weeks ago I told you that interesting things are going to happen.
Now I'm going to tell u a little bit about one interesting thing which will happen in 10 days. 

Namely in 10 days Marta Vaarik and Mario Laul are going to open a new online-shop. The opening will take place on the 27 May. In the shop you will find clothes, accessories edc. made/designed by young designers. I can tell you 
that they will sell stuff made by very many famous names (at least famous in Estonia) and I'm actually a bit surprised that I have the change to be one of them.
I will not mention any designer names or the online-shop name yet but I'm sure u'r going to hear about it more soon :)

Here are the pictures which we took in the forest the other day. I have quite many pic more from that day so u'll soon see the rest of them also.

Photographer : Hanna Odras

Model: Ketlin Tali

dress/tunic - AP.


Made myself a formspring today,
so, if u have sth u'd like to know about me or from me then feel free to ask!

And. . . . I finally made a new top-picture for my blog. It was about a time, wasn't it? :)

This pic is made last summer around 4 am at Rocc Al Mare "beach"

"Working" room

Thought I could show u the room where I make all the clothes. It's right next to my room and it's a bit separated from the others bedrooms in my house so I can also do my thing in the nights.

These are some of my fabrics. I'm dreaming about a shelfs where I can put all of my materials so it would be easy for me to find them:)

My workhorses - they like to strike a lot   

May 10, 2011

Morning photoshooting

I had a photoshoot in forest today with three awesome person. Obviously I slept in

and arrived to the shooting half of hour later:)

Here is the video I made from todays photoshooting

May 9, 2011

Change me, I want the world to know!

skirt - ONLY / jacket - Gina Tricot / top - thrift store / shoes - from Bulgaria

May 8, 2011

What a wonderful world

Went to my friend's B-Day yesterday and I saw so many awesome

and stylish people so I thought I should also cheer them with u also!

Maybe u'll get some good ideas for u'r tomorrows outfit:)!

May 7, 2011

the one and only - perfect ring

Hei quys ! Part of this post is going to be in Estonian, for those who can't speak this language then.. hei, it's u'r perfect change to learn it ,)

Nonii :) Jee, eesti keeles on nii tore kirjutada vahelduse mõttes. Tegelikult ma kirjutangi siia enamjaolt puhtalt jonni pärast inglise keeles. See täiega aitab mul endal inglise keelt arendada kuna... jeps, ma tunnistan ausalt üles, et ma kasutan vahel google translator'it:) Sealt leiab nii kergesti igast sõnu, mis vahel ära ununevad.

Tegelt mul oli asja ka:)

Nimelt. . . see reede (13. mail) toimub Olevite kirikus noortekas. Tegelikult toimub see seal igal reedel algusega kell 18.30, kuid ma tahaks teid justnimelt sellel korral sinna kutsuda!

Ma ei kujuta ette mida te praegu mõtlete. Ma pakun, et "Whaat, kirik? Mis ma sinna ikka tundide kaupa palvetavaid vanamemmesid vaatama tulen". Panin täppi :D?or not:D?

Igastahes ma olen seal seekord õhtujuht ning ma täiega tahas sind seal näha!

Kui sa pole kunagi enne noortekal käinud, siis ma täiega mõtlen et sa võiksid tulla kasvõi uudisimust seda tsekkima! Tavaliselt käib seal reedeõhtuti kuskil natuke all 100 noore koos nii et ära muretse, keegi ei pane sind püsti seisma ja oma nime kõigile ütlema :D

Olli noortekad on täpelt selline koht, et soovi korral saad sa seal anonüümseks jääda aga samas seal on ka ülipalju lahedaid inimesi, keda kõiki tundma õppida.

PLUSS! Seal saab pärast snäkki/süüüa! Comooom, süüüa:D!

Meil on selleks õhtuks igast vägevad plaanid ja ma täiega tahaks, et te ka sellest osa saaksite:)!

Et siis next Friday!, 13 mai kell 18.30 Oleviste kirikus. See on see kõike kõige pikem torn Tallinna vanalinnas. Pmst Oll on selline koht kuhu sul pole võimalik mitte jõuda kui sa seda otsid kuna selle torn on lihtsalt igalt poolt näha.

Ja kui te tulete, siis täiega tulge ja rääkige minuga ka juttu! Nii lahe oleks teada saada kes tegelikult mu seda blogikest siin loevad!

Ok, Estonian talk is over:)

While being in Paris I saw the coolest ring ever. U may think.... woww. Was it big? Was it shiny? Nooo:) It wasn't shiny at all. It was a ring made for two fingers and it had a text on it.
And the text was...???? I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. Yes, u read it right, I love Justin Bieber.

:D I just thought that it's the coolest ring because hei, this ring deffenatelly makes people talk!
It's a real spotlight material.
I saw this ring but it cost about 6 euros and I thought that it wasn't worth it, I left the store.

An hour later I started thinking about this ring againg and I started to regret my decision. After leaving Paris we went to this other France city to see a church and after seeing this beautiful church I still had a bit time and I decited to use my shopping sence and started to look for a H&M store. Believe it or not but I found it :) From a randon city, jeii. And on my way there I saw the same store where the Bieber ring was in Paris. I went in and ..... I couldn't find it.
I was really sad ... we started our way back to Estonia.
We stayed a night in Prague and we also had a bit shopping time in there. I went to this big shopping center and I randomly saw the same store again !
I went in and the sellerlady asked me if she could help me. He heee, yeah. I was like "well, mmm, where I can find the mmmm, u know, Justin Bieber stuff?" The lady started to smile secretly and showed me the way. So, I got this ring and I was really really happy:)

U have read now the long and adventorous search from two different countries just for to get a Bieber ring. May be u would like to see it now??

Here it is :

May 4, 2011


What an awesome day today is !

Firstly because I totally scored in my oral English exam , actually it was thanks to God because I prayed before going in and I got really nice statement to talk about.

Secondly it's an awesome day because I finally know howto add videos here:)

I don't have anything special to show u (yet!) but I think this video might be even more then special! It's put together from hundreds of pictures and it shows very well how cool this weekend in Pärnu was. This video is totally worth u'r 7 minutes so I hope u'r gonna watch it:)!

Enjoy :)

May 3, 2011

Exams and all that crazy stuff

Had an English exam today. Crazy and fun at the same time because it was my last exam. Now I have to start doing my research and I have to make it ready in five days or sth like that and I have not much done :)
Lately I have posted here quite many pics of myself wearing things I have made. Well, the only reason for that is that I just haven't had time to make a shoot but soon it will all change :)

Sooooon, very sooon :)

And I also have some surprises for you . . . like for example soon you can find AP. stuff from 2 new awesome places PLUS Faktory and Hõng of cource .
But the stores will be a secret. All I'm going to say is that things are getting interesting :)

Here are pics from a tunic/dress I made tonight!

Be coool!

NB! I'm so sry about the pics. I'm really not the best poser and I really can't make bether pics of myself :D

dress/tunic - AP.

May 2, 2011

Jh 15:13 Give-Away

WOw. This weekend was truly amazing. There were over 1000 young people in the Bible Days.
God was and still is just freaking awesome!
Last night there were a miracle night. Have you ever heard these stories from foreign countries where God has healed someone?
And not just took away someones headache but healed someone from physical injury??
Well, I was sitting while there were people praying infront of the stage when I saw a young girl with crutches going to pray with others.
I have no idea how but I watches her and thought that wow, poor girl, because I saw that she had hard time getting infront (she had injured her leg the day before. It was a twisted ancle or broken bone or sth like this).
And a couple of minutes later I saw her again. She came back to her friends, told them "I was healed",then she threw the
crutches away and started to cry and later also jump around. How amazing is that?
It seams to be again one of these crazy made-up stories but it really isn't.
When I saw it I started to cray and I understood that God really is the greatest.

Today evening an idea popped into my mind. Hei, why not to make a shirt and then draw a Jesus face on it :D?!? Quite random I would say but I did it. And now one of you will have it ! If you don't believe in Jesus then don't worrie about it, u can just wear it as an shirt with someones face on it :D
This shirt is in size XS , S- sth like this.

How to get this shirt ???

1. Be a follower of my blog

2. Post a comment with u'r name and the keyword "Jh 15:13" to this or any other post before 20th of May because this is the date when I'll choose a random way for picking the winner :)

NB! You can take part of this give-away from all over the world. Japan, Spain, Sweeden . . . - where ever u live!!